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Countertop & Cabinet Installation

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You should only count on the best and most experienced countertop and cabinet installers.

You don’t need to worry about hiring another team to install your sinks, plumbing fixtures, and molding. We do it all!

Expert Stone, Quartz, and Porcelain countertop installation in Denver

Countertop Installation

With large granite and marble countertops, installation matters as much as any other step in the process. If something isn’t done right during this phase, it can severely limit the life of your new countertop, reducing its value in the future.

We Install Cabinets, Sinks, and Other Fixtures

Although we specialize in countertop fabrication and installation, we can also install other fixtures to complete a space in your home. Stone Crafters is experienced in expert installation of sinks, plumbing fixtures, molding, cabinets, and more.

Expert kitchen and bath cabinet and fixture installation in Denver

Kitchen Installation Services

Straight cabinets,

level countertops, symmetrical tile. We get it right the first time!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Bathroom Installation Services

Our installation team installs your bathroom remodel to perfection.

Bathroom Sinks

Porcelain Installation Services

We're experts at installing gorgeous porcelain tile and countertops.

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