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If you're not sure where to start when thinking about a new countertop or cabinets, let us help! You can't go wrong with a free consultation and full kitchen or bath estimate from our experts here at Stone Crafters Inc.

Free Initial Consultation

Every purchase with Stone Crafters Inc. starts with a free consultation with one of our specialists. Choose from one of our many options to meet with us at your convenience.

During your initial consultation with one of our experts, we’ll review your space, discuss your current needs that aren’t being met, then we'll propose several options that may be a good fit for you and will even sketch up some examples to help you visualize the final product.


Once you are ready to move forward with turning your vision into reality, we’ll dive into full-scale design specifications and define the exact products to create your new space.



Our showroom is open to the public.

Private viewings are available on request.

Book Online

Instantly book your phone or video consultation appointment online.



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Set up an in-house consultation or ask us about other options.

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