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Countertop Fabrication

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Whether it’s granite, another natural stone, engineered quartz, or porcelain, you can trust our expert team to handle every step of the process flawlessly. We can cut and build your new countertop at our location, transport it to your home, install it, and allow you to admire your beautiful new kitchen or bathroom surface, knowing it was created by a team of specialists.

Denver, CO, has trusted us since 2004 for high-quality countertop fabrication services.

Technology & Experience

fabricating and cutting-granite-countertops expert in Denver

Industry-leading technology and automation

Digital templating & measurements with a fully automated fabrication facility for precision and a flawless result

- Top of the line factory equipment

Our dual tank SawJet, Fab Center, router, and in-line edger provide custom shape cutting, uniform edging, and polishing perfection


- Over 400 years combined experience 

Our technicians and production engineers work hands-on to ensure the best template placement and will see your project to completion to the highest standards 

Natural Stone

Our specialty since day one, we are experts at crafting slabs of natural stone into works of art for your countertops.


Due to the unique nature of each stone, it takes a team with experience to utilize the stone to it's full potential.


Our hands-on technicians and production engineers along with our automated industry-leading factory equipment, efficiently cut, edge, and polish quartz countertops to perfection.


We are one of the few locations in Denver with the expertise and precision equipment to cut and fabricate porcelain to perfection in-house.

Our Stone Crafters at Work

the fabrication process

Nothing beats the appearance of a truly beautiful stone countertop. However, it takes a team of experts to take raw, unrefined stone and turn it into a beautiful, durable surface. The team at Stone Crafters takes a slab of stone and carries out the following process:

1) The first step is to have one of our specialists measure the exact dimensions of your space using laser technology. Those dimensions are then entered into our digital templating system for the utmost precision when cutting your stone.

2) Our technician then works with your piece of stone to determine the placement of your template and how best to utilize the surface to achieve the strongest and most attractive result.

This is most imperative with natural stone due to the natural unique pattern of each slab.

If you purchase our exclusive Template Layout Service, you can come into our facility or join remotely from your home computer and help decide where to place the template, determining which part of the stone design will be used for each part of your counter.

3) Our production engineers then start the prepping, programming, and cutting process. Your stone makes its way through our automated factory equipment being cut and edged with flawless precision.


4) Your stone is then hand polished and sealed. The key is to have a knowledgeable team processing your stone to make it strong and resistant to damage, such as burns, spills, and scratches.

5) Our dedicated quality assurance team inspects and approves every piece, ensuring your new custom countertop is at the highest standard and is ready to be delivered for installation.

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