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While Stone Crafters is proud to offer a full range of services to support your home remodel needs, our specialty still lies where we started—stone countertop fabrication. When you need a new kitchen counter, you deserve a team that specializes in cutting your stone to the exact dimensions you need, ensuring that every inch of your new countertop is flawless.

Whether it’s granite, another natural stone, engineered stone, or tile, we can cut and build your new countertop at our location, transport it to your home, install it, and allow you to admire your beautiful new kitchen or bathroom living surface. Denver, CO, has trusted us since 2004 for high-quality countertop fabrication services. If you want a custom countertop made by the expert team at Stone Crafters, request an estimate today!

Natural Stone Countertop Fabrication

Nothing beats the appearance of a truly beautiful stone countertop. However, it takes a team of experts to take raw, unrefined stone and turn it into a beautiful, durable surface. The team at Stone Crafters takes a slab of stone and carries out the following process:

First, we cut the slab down to a size that works for your unique remodel needs. It doesn’t need to perfectly match the dimensions until the fabrication process is finished. The portion of the slab we use depends on the color and uniformity of the slab. Since natural stone isn’t totally consistent in color or pattern, we find a section that will look the best in your home.

Next, we seal and polish your stone. The key is to have a knowledgeable team processing your stone to make it strong and resistant to damage, such as burns, spills, and scratches. Then, we edge and shape your stone to get it to the exact thickness and dimensions that you need to perfect your remodel. We double-check for weak spots like cracks, fissures, or sealing errors to ensure that your new countertop is as strong as possible. Afterward, we send it out for installation.

Fabrication of Engineered Stone Countertops

We also create durable and attractive engineered countertops. Although granite and other natural stones are the gold standards for countertops, many customers may not be ready to make that investment and choose to opt for something more practical and affordable. A great material for this would be engineered quartz.


Made up of 95% ground quartz with mixed polymers and resins to create a durable surface that doesn’t need to be sealed (unlike natural stone), engineered quartz countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns to match the style of your room.

We Carry the Top Brands in Engineered Quartz Countertops, Including:


  • Caesarstone

  • Daltile ONE

  • HanStone

  • MSI Stone Q

  • NuStone

  • PentalQuartz

  • Silestone

  • Teltos Quartz

  • Viatera

  • Zodiaq

Beautiful Countertops

Our countertops retain many of the same visual qualities as natural stone, but the colors and patterns are uniform. Plus, they’re more durable and cost less to create. The team at Stone Crafters in Denver, CO, takes some of the best names in quartz engineering to fabricate beautiful countertops for your remodel.







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