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So, you’ve chosen the material and dimensions for your brand-new countertop, and you have faith in Stone Crafters, the team you’re trusting to fabricate your natural or engineered stone countertop. The process isn’t done here. With large granite and marble countertops, installation matters as much as any other step in the process. If something isn’t done right during this phase, it can severely limit the life of your new countertop, reducing its value into the future.

That’s why you should only trust the best and most experienced countertop and cabinet installers. Stone Crafters has been serving customers like you in Denver, CO, since 2004 with full-service solutions for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. Call or go online for a quote!

Countertop Installation

Choosing the perfect countertop with us is a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough. Even if you nail your countertop decision, it still comes down to installation. You need a team with experience installing a wide variety of countertop materials as well as other fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom.

Natural Stone 

Natural stone includes granite, quartzite, marble, onyx, travertine, soapstone, serpentinite, and more. With natural stone, we give you so many options because when you choose a stone that gives you a more natural look, it takes different varieties to get different colors, patterns, and durability grades.

For example, granite is extremely popular but is not as durable as quartzite or soapstone. Serpentinite gives you a sparkling green, while onyx comes mostly in black. Each of these stones comes with its own unique textures, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind countertop after installation.

Engineered Stone

We offer quartz countertops from many of the top names in engineered stone surfaces. We buy slabs of quartz countertop from reputable manufacturers, cut and shape them to your custom needs, and expertly install them in your home or office. Quartz is known for being a great value and offers unmatched durability when compared to other stone countertops.

We Also Install Cabinets, Sinks, and Other Fixtures

Although we specialize in countertop fabrication and installation, we can also install other fixtures to complete a space in your home. For example, Stone Crafters is experienced in expert installation of sinks, plumbing fixtures, molding, cabinets, and more.

Need new cabinets? We’ll show you your options and install them for you. Maybe a new tile backsplash behind the sink? We have access to custom kitchen and bathroom designs so that when you get a beautiful new countertop, you can remodel the rest of the room as well.







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